20 Dec 2012

Blogvent Calendar - Day 20 - Roundup!

You might be thinking it is a little early to be doing a roundup post but I have decided to end the Blogvent Calendar here so that I have a few days off from the blog to chill and relax for Christmas! I hope y'all enjoyed it and if you missed any, be sure to check them out. I have linked all the picture below, in no particular order (mainly because the uploader messed them up and I'm too lazy to change them around).

SO, have a great Christmas everyone and I will see you in 2013 with my next post! (^̮^)


18 Dec 2012

Blogvent Calendar - Day 18 - Who ate all the pies?

That moment when you get undeniable proof of Santa Claus' existence is just so pure and innocent. Just like the moment you realise you can make money from your teeth!

17 Dec 2012

Blogvent Calendar - Day 17 - The Gamble

We all face it every year. Turning around to see an eager-faced family member poke the other end of a cracker in your direction. You look at them as if to say no, never, go away and yet your hand extends to receive the gesture. This is the gamble. You either face major disappointment in the fact that you are a loser or you win with short term happiness, a joke you've heard a hundred times before, a paper hat that doesn't fit and rips within seconds and a useless gadget you have no time or place for (i.e. the tiniest playing cards in the land or that little plastic red fish that bends in your hand).

15 Dec 2012

Blogvent Calendar - Day 15 - Happy Catmas!

Admit it, cats do seem to enjoy Christmas more than we do! As soon as all the presents are revealed and the wrapping paper jungle is formed on the floor, just watch them pounce with delight.

14 Dec 2012

Blogvent Calendar - Day 14 - That awful childhood moment

We've all been there. Spending all day freezing your pinkies off to create that wonderful snowy friend. Actually even building a snowman is quite a skill. I couldn't for the life of me work out how to roll a ball to make the body and head. The only time I ever did it, I saved it to throw at my brother during a snowball fight. Well, you totally would, right? As far as I remember, it broke mid air though and went nowhere near him. So, that didn't go to plan.

Anyway, because I love to post happy, cheerful pictures that fill you with glee, here is that awful childhood moment when your snowy friends dies.

Oh and because it's Christmas Jumper Day, my little guy is sporting spiffing knitwear.

11 Dec 2012

Blogvent Calendar - Day 11 - In an alternative universe...

... I still think the bickering over how the decorations should look would remain but with a slight difference...

10 Dec 2012

Blogvent Calendar - Day 10 - Guess the Christmas song..

Ok, so it is obvious (I hope) , as to what this song is but I thought it would make a cute little picture. This song is definitely one of those that when I hear in the store it makes me all Christmassy and tingly and happy and giddy.

9 Dec 2012

Blogvent Calendar - Day 9 - My favourite Christmas movie

Ok, so there are some majorly depressing/violent moments as oppose to everything being merry and joyful but I love the story of Edward Scissorhands and it is definitely the Christmas movie I most look forward to!

8 Dec 2012

Blogvent Calendar - Day 8 - Raining candy canes

So it is nothing magical or over the top but I have decided to give my blog a bit of a Christmas makeover. Ok, well just the background to the header because it's a headache messing around with everything else. Besides, who doesn't want it to rain candy canes?

You can give me a day off with this less-than-exciting blog post. Can't you? Well, you'll have to. Nur.

6 Dec 2012

Blogvent Calendar - Day 6 - UK snow logic

We're a funny bunch. We complain when we don't get snow and then when we get two inches, we go into a panic and hate campaign. I say we, but I personally love it.

4 Dec 2012

Blogvent Calendar- Day 4 - Don't play with matches!

The remind me of the old television advertisements featuring "Frances the Firefly" that taught us kids to not play with matches!

1 Dec 2012

Blogvent Calendar - Day 1 - How early is too early?

Whatever time you begin preparing for Christmas, it always seems that people are irritated by what others do. If you leave things until last minute, you get frowned upon and lectured on how you should have things sorted by now and if you begin in the middle of the year, you get told, "it's too early", "it's not Christmas time yet".

So bloody what?

If I want to eat candy canes in the middle of June and play Christmas songs in November, it's my choice. Generally, people seem to wait until December but I'm way too impatient for that! Christmas is exciting and I think that if you want to start celebrating early, go for it! At least you're not the miserable one condemning others for having fun!

30 Nov 2012

Blogvent Calendar!

I'm finally BACK! 

So as you may have noticed, I have been absent for nearly 2 months now! This is partly because I just moved house but also because I wanted a break from blogging. So yes, my boyfriend and I just moved into our first apartment together and apart from the people above us who like to randomly bang every night (I have no idea WHY) and the heater being older than Jesus, it's awesome! This is a different subject though.
Now, as I have not been around for a while, I will treat you! I have decided that over advent, you get to open my Blogvent Calendar every day in the run up to Christmas. If you don't like Christmas, you're too miserable to be reading this. SRSLY. Too miserable. 

First post comes tomorrow!

*of course*

20 Sep 2012

Doodle Dreams - HMV, Robb Stark and Chucky!

Nearly six months after my first Doodle Dreams post, where I mentioned that there would be a series of these posts, I have finally made a follow up!

In my last DD post, which can be found here, I mention all the weird things that I have dreamt about in the past. Many people see dreams as that boring topic which only tends to pop up in morning breakfast conversation. Personally, I find them fascinating. The mind truly is a wonderful thing when left to its own devices and even the least creative people can wake up to a crazy tale they just have to share!

So, my latest escapades are set in a shopping centre (or mall if it really is necessary for me to clarify this). I am joined by a friend from school who, in reality, I haven't seen for 10 years! Nice, normal, fun. 

17 Sep 2012

24 Aug 2012

Spider Wars!

I hate spiders.

Now many of you may agree with this statement but I don't hate them because I have a phobia. In fact, they don't bother me at all. I've had two grown men run out of a room because of a spider that I was left to deal with.

The problem is catching them.

With 8 hairy, long legs, they have the ability to run fast and reach places you could never imagine reaching. Most of the time if I spot a spider lurking on my wall before bedtime, I will leave it. Yeah, it could crawl in my mouth whilst I sleep and end up swimming in my stomach acid but hey, at least I wont have to battle it AND it gets the pretty grim death it deserves for trespassing in this temple. This one, however, was a little bit too big to ignore and it was above my bed, a little too close for comfort. The issue here though was reaching it. Sat high on the wall, it was sneering at me, expecting me to do the usual and leave it alone.

Not today spidey.

17 Jul 2012

Blog Badge! *finally*

So my blog has grown up a little and got itself a badge/button/tiny little square that links you back to this blog.

*Shouldn't have been a headache, but it was!*

*Icky html*

*Had to create a Photobucket account*

Thankfully I found a great tutorial here. A little tip for you though if you try this tutorial: Where the finished html code says, "cols="40" rows="4" This will be the size of the code box underneath the badge. I recommend changing the "40" to a "20". This part gave me the headache. The code box was just too wide and I couldn't figure out how to change it!! THIS IS HOW!

You'll find the code in the sidebar. Please feel free to use it to spread the love! :0)

11 Jul 2012

Fifty shades of Brown

Never in my life did I think I would have such an encounter. An encounter that would change all my perspectives on that of which my knowledge was already so vague.

It was a summer morning. The sun was beaming down, scorching all below it and dominating the sky with its radiant glow. I sought comfort in shaded areas that provided that much needed relief from the quite alien climate. This was when my eye caught his. A mere glimpse was all I needed to know that this would be a day quite unlike the others.

29 Jun 2012

Don't stop me now!

Waking up this morning, I felt sweaty, groggy and tired! Another long night of fighting the warmth, this was the third time in a row that I had been subjected to this torture. As I lay there, the pillows all askew and the duvet crumpled in a pile on the floor, I started to remember what I had dreamt about.

Sitting there, on the floor, throughout the whole dream, I was contemplating how to tell the parents that I had failed my degree.

Not very eventful, by my standards of imagination, but damn when I woke up, I was convinced I had still failed... Until I realised that results aren't released until TODAY!

So I jumped up, pretty much tripping over the duvet to grab my laptop. My brother comes up to me with a letter from my university. I assured him its not my results as they were going online instead. So I start opening it, expecting it to be another boring reminder that there will be a graduation ceremony (pretty sure they've used a whole forest of paper to remind me).

I was wrong...

I freakin' PASSED!

A sexy little Marketing BSc(Hons).

So, I would like to congratulate anyone receiving any sort of results over the coming weeks, I'm sure you all did fabulously and if you didn't, don't ever let it beat you! I did awful at my A levels to the point of me holding back the tears and now look! Coming to the end of my education journey is rather sad as it has been pretty hard and long but I know the learning curve will never truly end. :]

27 Jun 2012

What the lump you guys?

Adventure Time is awesome and if you don't agree, you obviously don't like fun.

This is my homage to the Lumpy Space Princess.

"No way. First, I'm gonna fall in love with one of those little guys, then I'm gonna fall out of love. And then I'm gonna totally fake die, of a fake heart attack! Oh, my heart! My heart hurts because I fell out of love! And now i have to die! OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHH!!!!"

18 Jun 2012

My moment of the week!

So recently, I found out that I got a really good grade for my university dissertation! This was particularly surprising for me after spending weeks being distracted in a smelly little library (watching ducks as you well know) and writing about 5000 words of it in a single day! So this little moment really made my week as the dissertation makes up a huge chunk of my overall grade!

To celebrate that and Doodle Thoughts reaching its fourth glorious month, I will share with you my 3am doodles. I originally planned to brighten them up as these pictures were taken under poor artificial lighting but I'm just going to leave them in all their glory! I do quite like the idea of bringing a little bit of reality into drawings. :]

12 Jun 2012

The mind of men.

Deny it all you want gentlemen, but you know deep down this is mostly true. Mostly.

29 May 2012

Maybe it's just me..

Waking up this morning, I rolled over with a slight groan to see that once again, we had beautiful blue skies and wonderful weather.

Why would I groan? Surely nice weather is a good thing?

To most people, I suppose there are advantages to this surprising weather.

Beer Gardens -  instead of sitting inside a pub, people are about to sit OUTSIDE in the beer garden! Yes, the ability to sit outside really does excite us English. Sitting outside allows you to walk further to the bar and toilets and end up squashed right next to the other jobless folk who too want to experience this, 'outside'. You also make a little friend in bees and wasps that want to share that fruit juice you just bought.

Sweat - Glistening, glowing, perspiring, however you want to mask it, sweating is something we all do. Bermuda temperatures mean we do it by the bucket loads (quite literally). How is sweat an advantage? Well, sweating supposedly helps remove toxins from the body and promote weight loss. This is why people use saunas. Deodorant companies are raking it in. 

Sunburn - people parade this bane of life as though it is a good thing? 

Pleb 1 - Oh you look like you have caught the sun..
Pleb 2 - *laughs* yeah, I was sat outside for about 5 hours. I think I will peel tomorrow. Hopefully I will go brown.

WHY ON EARTH do you think the peeling of skin is not something to be concerned about? People seem to think they are snakes and will simply peel off the nasty pale skin and be mahogany underneath.. Sorry, a few more hours per day on the sunbed will be required before that happens.

Hayfever - sneezing and watery eyes look great together and if you team them with a kleenex, you are bang on trend this season. Hawt.

Blackpool beach - the only time of the year that anyone will dare to go to that beach is on days like this. Swimming in sewer water doesn't matter if the sun is beaming down. The sun will cancel out the many diseases you are bound to get. Blackpool businesses will manage to sell FIVE more pieces of rock than normal. This is called, 'raking it in'.

Maybe it's just me, maybe I am just being miserable...... *shrugs*