17 Dec 2012

Blogvent Calendar - Day 17 - The Gamble

We all face it every year. Turning around to see an eager-faced family member poke the other end of a cracker in your direction. You look at them as if to say no, never, go away and yet your hand extends to receive the gesture. This is the gamble. You either face major disappointment in the fact that you are a loser or you win with short term happiness, a joke you've heard a hundred times before, a paper hat that doesn't fit and rips within seconds and a useless gadget you have no time or place for (i.e. the tiniest playing cards in the land or that little plastic red fish that bends in your hand).


  1. Too funny! My step sister is known for getting the most useless item out of those things. Everyone else gets a shoe horn and teeny tiny notepad and gets the little metal circle.

  2. I should tell you more often that I just love your writing, doodles and creativity! Mooooore Blog posts! x

    1. Thank you! That means a lot. I intend to get back to blogging very soon but life is sort of getting in the way at the moment. :3