17 Jul 2012

Blog Badge! *finally*

So my blog has grown up a little and got itself a badge/button/tiny little square that links you back to this blog.

*Shouldn't have been a headache, but it was!*

*Icky html*

*Had to create a Photobucket account*

Thankfully I found a great tutorial here. A little tip for you though if you try this tutorial: Where the finished html code says, "cols="40" rows="4" This will be the size of the code box underneath the badge. I recommend changing the "40" to a "20". This part gave me the headache. The code box was just too wide and I couldn't figure out how to change it!! THIS IS HOW!

You'll find the code in the sidebar. Please feel free to use it to spread the love! :0)

11 Jul 2012

Fifty shades of Brown

Never in my life did I think I would have such an encounter. An encounter that would change all my perspectives on that of which my knowledge was already so vague.

It was a summer morning. The sun was beaming down, scorching all below it and dominating the sky with its radiant glow. I sought comfort in shaded areas that provided that much needed relief from the quite alien climate. This was when my eye caught his. A mere glimpse was all I needed to know that this would be a day quite unlike the others.