6 Dec 2012

Blogvent Calendar - Day 6 - UK snow logic

We're a funny bunch. We complain when we don't get snow and then when we get two inches, we go into a panic and hate campaign. I say we, but I personally love it.


  1. Haahaha!! XD
    Over here it never snows.....sadly I never did get to experience it and whenever I mention that to my friends abroad, they always say NO!you won't like it!but bew hew I still want to see it at least once!! :S

  2. There's no pleasing some people, is there? I share your love of the white stuff, even if it slows down my journeys. Bear in mind that snow reflects a great deal of light, which has a positive psychological effect on the human brain. At a time of year when two-thirds of the day are shrouded in darkness, the benefits of this are significant. When the land is smothered in a thick layer of snow, everything looks clean, picture-postcard and magical. The sight of it appeals to the child in me.

    1. I agree! My inner child wants to build snowmen and have a snowball fight. Sod the haters!