24 Aug 2012

Spider Wars!

I hate spiders.

Now many of you may agree with this statement but I don't hate them because I have a phobia. In fact, they don't bother me at all. I've had two grown men run out of a room because of a spider that I was left to deal with.

The problem is catching them.

With 8 hairy, long legs, they have the ability to run fast and reach places you could never imagine reaching. Most of the time if I spot a spider lurking on my wall before bedtime, I will leave it. Yeah, it could crawl in my mouth whilst I sleep and end up swimming in my stomach acid but hey, at least I wont have to battle it AND it gets the pretty grim death it deserves for trespassing in this temple. This one, however, was a little bit too big to ignore and it was above my bed, a little too close for comfort. The issue here though was reaching it. Sat high on the wall, it was sneering at me, expecting me to do the usual and leave it alone.

Not today spidey.