February the 14th, 2012. 21:11. Doodle Thoughts was born.

In all fairness, I never intended to take this blog seriously at all. In some ways, I still don't.
I didn't want to blog for any other reason than to fill some time between university lectures. You ask me what this blog is about and all I can say is, "random doodles". I really don't know. It's like a little sketchbook. My random mind projected through the less-than-perfect pictures.

So, that is pretty much the summary of my blog and how it came to be. Nothing special or inspirational. Just, fact. So if you were expecting a story entailing an alpaca on the adventure to becoming a digital god, I'm sorry. That's just not normal, or correct.

Here is an alpaca though, to quench your visual desires:

Sexy stuff.

Now for me. A section that will probably end up shorter than the epic tale behind the actual blog.

Simply put, I am nearly a Marketing graduate with a ukulele, two kittens under my arm and hair down to my knees. My life really is this exciting. I go nuts for cheesecake and hate sticky fingers going anywhere near me. Ew, clear your mind, harlot.



  1. Doodle thoughts are so cool, I know my friend would absolutely love this! Well I do as well obviously, but she spends loads of time looking at random pictures on memestache and ragestache <3<3

    1. Thank you! I'm always looking at meme websites myself haha! (^̮^)

  2. This is the blog that inspired me to start blogging

    1. Aww thank you! That's so lovely/nice/slightlyawesome to hear. :)