20 Sep 2012

Doodle Dreams - HMV, Robb Stark and Chucky!

Nearly six months after my first Doodle Dreams post, where I mentioned that there would be a series of these posts, I have finally made a follow up!

In my last DD post, which can be found here, I mention all the weird things that I have dreamt about in the past. Many people see dreams as that boring topic which only tends to pop up in morning breakfast conversation. Personally, I find them fascinating. The mind truly is a wonderful thing when left to its own devices and even the least creative people can wake up to a crazy tale they just have to share!

So, my latest escapades are set in a shopping centre (or mall if it really is necessary for me to clarify this). I am joined by a friend from school who, in reality, I haven't seen for 10 years! Nice, normal, fun. 

That is until we decided to go into HMV!! *dun dun dun* There was quite a heavy crowd in the store but that didn't seem to bother us as we went in anyway to join the party. Clearly they were frightened of boobs entering the store so they decided to blast us with ridiculous loud music.

That was followed by a series of monkey-like behaviour in the form of jumping around on the speakers and pointing at us. Yeah, it was pretty unbearable at first but being the stubborn cow I am, I wasn't going to let that stop me..

I proceeded to head to the back corner of the store, pretty much where the speakers were, handing a lovely, classy, two finger salute to the apes and ending up in what seemed like a kitchen! Male readers, I know what you are thinking and NO, it is not where I belong (unless you like beans on toast. I make a mean beans on toast. I'm good with Pop Tarts too). 

ANYWAY, somehow, there ends up being a kitchen in HMV and if you are super observant, you will see the minor wardrobe change. Yes, at this point I am also wearing a garish and hideous yellow hoodie. Not sure when that happened but I don't make a song and dance about it. So in this kitchen, I start smothering pancakes in Nutella! Again, no idea where the pancakes or chocolate loveliness came from but I'm just going with the flow, spreading pancake after pancake. After some time, the HMV hooligans begin to join me in sheer intrigue and confusion as to what I was doing but I ignore them. It is at this point, when I start looking towards the door occasionally, that I realise I am waiting for someone to pick me up. I turn around once more in anticipation and there he stands!!

Robb Stark! The King in the North and eldest son of Eddard Stark stood there, curly-haired and mightily  moustached, waiting to pick ME up (with a displeasing look on his face as usual).

And sadly, this is where my dream ends. It would have been very interesting to see how and where he was going to take me but I will have to get over my disappointment and move on.

Which I did last night when I had a dream that Chucky the doll was chasing me with a knife. For all you youngsters that HAVEN'T seen the 1988 horror, 'Child's Play', Chucky is a doll that is possessed by a serial killer. Yes, it is ridiculous sounding story but it is also very creepy. ESPECIALLY when you are chased by the thing itself!! Luckily I manage to kill the doll by squishing some black thing on the floor in front of him (I don't know what that was about either) and all is well in the world.

I woke up with one thought though..

'How have I not noticed how much Chucky the doll looks like Chuckie Finster???'

What do you think?? I have never noticed this before so it actually creeps me out a little bit!

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  1. Weird dreams!! :D Yes, I noticed the similarities between Chucky and Chucky... It's creepy.

  2. LOL that is the weirdest dream ever!
    Be careful...I think Robb Stark came to take away your pancakes...I mean who can resist pancakes!!and Nutella!!! XD

    Oh I want some pancakes too...*tummy begins to rumble*

  3. Hahaha that was such a funny read! To be honest, at first, I thought that was plate of poop haha.

    Oh man, could you imagine being chased by a serial-killer doll while the Rugrats theme song is playing?