20 Sep 2012

Doodle Dreams - HMV, Robb Stark and Chucky!

Nearly six months after my first Doodle Dreams post, where I mentioned that there would be a series of these posts, I have finally made a follow up!

In my last DD post, which can be found here, I mention all the weird things that I have dreamt about in the past. Many people see dreams as that boring topic which only tends to pop up in morning breakfast conversation. Personally, I find them fascinating. The mind truly is a wonderful thing when left to its own devices and even the least creative people can wake up to a crazy tale they just have to share!

So, my latest escapades are set in a shopping centre (or mall if it really is necessary for me to clarify this). I am joined by a friend from school who, in reality, I haven't seen for 10 years! Nice, normal, fun. 

17 Sep 2012