18 Jun 2012

My moment of the week!

So recently, I found out that I got a really good grade for my university dissertation! This was particularly surprising for me after spending weeks being distracted in a smelly little library (watching ducks as you well know) and writing about 5000 words of it in a single day! So this little moment really made my week as the dissertation makes up a huge chunk of my overall grade!

To celebrate that and Doodle Thoughts reaching its fourth glorious month, I will share with you my 3am doodles. I originally planned to brighten them up as these pictures were taken under poor artificial lighting but I'm just going to leave them in all their glory! I do quite like the idea of bringing a little bit of reality into drawings. :]


  1. they're really good and creative :) great post

  2. Congratulations on your grade! I get mine in the next two or three weeks. Eek.

    1. Thank you! Very nervous for my overall grade though! I should get that in a week :S

  3. hehe I love your posts!!! ^^

  4. I love the one with the pencil! Such a cool idea! COngrats on your dissertation :)