24 Mar 2012

Doodle Dreams - Valuable Toes

I recently was thinking about dreams and how strange they can be. You almost live a double life in your head, hopping from one strange situation to the next. My head, in particular, has seen me sit in the clouds with dinosaurs, be a part of a bicycle gang and be chased by dog, Resident Evil-style. I can't watch the Predator films because Predator freaks me out now after chasing me in a dream!

Some people see meanings in dreams, thinking that certain aspects are reflections on life that manifest into these crazy visions. I personally, do not believe in such things, the same way I do not believe in horoscopes. I definitely do think you can influence a dream. For example, I spent a whole day playing Tomb Raider once, that same night, I was raiding tombs myself!!

So, the craziness of my dreams has made me decide to share! The nature of my blog makes it perfect for describing things when words are not enough! So, there will be a series of these posts entitled Doodle Dreams. Here is the first:

Valuable Toes!

And so begins my dream.. Well, this is a nightmare so if you have a phobia of spoons or dogs, I would advise you to stop reading now! If you are normal however, you should still be reading...... good!

The setting in a beginning is a multi-storey house. It is supposed to be my house, with extra floors and a distinct lack of furniture. Two people are chasing me!! A guy and a girl, armed with spoons are chasing me! 

Why do they have spoons? Why go through the trouble of chasing me using trapdoors in the floor?


Yes, they want my toes. For some reason, whether it is revenge or to sell on the black market, my toes needed cutting off with table spoons. Scary stuff!!!

So I eventually (after too long) find my way out of my house and I make a run for it.

At this point, my brother randomly joins me in running away. At no other point had he been in this dream. So, as is always the case in dreams, we are running about as fast as a slug. A sleeping slug. I turn to my brother, to check he is still with me....


A tabby cat if we want to be specific. At this point, I'm VERY freaked out but then I remember: I'm running for my life!!...... I carry on and finally reach the top of my street. A leg numbing 100 metres from my house.

I reach my neighbours house and am about to run into the house in hopes of salvation when something catches my eye. Something green, in the window, looking down at me.

Bright green and glowing like a firefly, sits a fluorescent bloodhound. It doesn't even look scary, the fact that this thing was glowing, was enough to make me decide against entering and continue running. 

I run out of my street and reach the main road. Bear in mind it is late at night and no one is on the roads. I set my sight on the shiny phonebox across the road and aim my running in that direction. This was going to be what saved me from the spoon-wielding couple and the glowing dog. I run. Fast!


Brilliant. Just when I thought things would be ok for me, a giant lorry decides that, on this quiet long stretch of road, to veer off and crash into that same phonebox that my life depended on. Sucks to be me at the point huh?

It turns out that this lorry contained what easily could have been a years supply of Fanta! Cans and bottles go spilling across the floor and there, sadly, my dream ends.

That's the thing with dreams, they just end suddenly and leave you with a plethora of questions, letting your imagination create an ending.

I would like to think that my brother joins me, licks up the Fanta which magically changes him back as I use my mechanical skills to fix the lorry and we both drive off... into the sunrise. 

How lovely!!


16 Mar 2012

Edge Hill Ducks - An observation from the library window. Part 2!

As I sit in the library, trying to do work, what do I find as I stare out of the window????

Those beasts!!

In all fairness, I think they just liked being the feature of my previous blog post and thought, "let's be famous again!". Good job, duckies. Enjoy your fame, you harlots.

Sorry for the poor quality. My HTC Wildfire is about as much use as the gummy bear I am growing in a bottle of water. Yes, you read that right. I will share in due course. :)

11 Mar 2012

Edge Hill Ducks - An observation from the library window

So, my university has its very own duck pond. At first they are a novelty, walking to and from classes with a little feathered friend occasionally joining you. These ducks have no fear! They WILL walk under your feet because they know you won't step on them and they WILL peck your feet. This is when you realise how annoying they are. I've spent the whole weekend in the library doing work. It gets tedious and your mind wonders elsewhere - like out of the window!!

These are the ducks:
There are, of course, many many more but they seem to go around in this formation. 3 males ducks following 1 female duck. Sounds dodgy? It IS dodgy. Some would say she is lucky to have 3 bodyguard ducks, I just personally think she is using them. *whoamitoknow*

They will swim around with her in the pond:

Always behind her so no other sneaky ducks can steal her. They usually corner the female duck so she really can't do anything at all. Its a hard life for a female duck during mating season. Sexual predators everywhere...

They will always be there. Maybe not in plain sight:

But they will be there. Watching. Waiting. Waddling.

I'd like to think that one of the ducks eventually has the courage to go for it with the female and make eggs together:

But I imagine his buddies won't be too pleased with that. In fact, the story does not go like that at all. They, erm, share her. If you are a child, this means they all fall in love and live happily ever after. If you are an adult, you already know what I mean. Its a sad sad story.

I guess after all that, a duck needs a snack:

This guy fancies Prawn Cocktail flavour today. Good choice. I should probably think this is wrong to see a duck each such junk food but I'm sure he will have sufficient exercise to burn it off.  Some ducks aren't quite partial to crisps. Instead they will opt for cookies:

This is where I would draw the line. I share my cookies with no one. No matter how cute it may look, it will eat my shoe before it eats my cookie!

***no ducks were harmed in the making of this blog post*** 

7 Mar 2012

My art through my school years

As I look through my pictures folder, I realise that I have a few pictures of drawings I did when I was significantly younger (starting from over 10 years ago). So I decided to share.

This is the furthest back I have. I was always proud of my little snake even though I look back now and think, "I could change....." or "this needs erasing". Its still not bad though for primary school age.

This is the time where I liked doing random patterns and shading in high school. This was always a favourite. Reminded me of seaweed.

And now we get to college... my creativity has clearly gone a little down hill. This picture always reminds me of college though and the awesome friends I met.

And now (in university) I'm reduced to stick figures!! ♥ I love them really!! :)

5 Mar 2012

The 30 Day Give up!

Yes, this is the announcement post that I will be retiring the 30 Day Drawing Challenge. Although it seemed like a good idea at first,  I started to grow tired of being forced to post when I don't have the time (or the ideas). This way, I can make better (although less frequent) posts and I can put most of my time into assignments (which, let's face it, is more important at the moment).

If I fail my degree, I will most definitely blame the blog world and all you people who encouraged me to do it!! :)

Why is it only painkillers that contain caffeine, cure my headache? I swear I must have a caffeine addiction that needs feeding.

Headache of the century!