29 Feb 2012

How to deal with gamers

I've been in a relationship with a gamer for nearly 4 years now. I don't really mind it that much but sometimes when I want his attention and he gaming away, it can get frustrating. This frustration causes me to think of creative ways of getting his attention. I don't follow through with these ideas but a girl can dream...

The easiest option would be to join in. Video games can be pretty entertaining and its always nice to get one over on him and use it against him for months to come.

You could promise him some sexy time..

Cats love to claw things. Have a cat? Introduce it to the offender's head.
Don't let him have all the fun! Whilst he is in trance mode, you could play the stacking game. Although if he is playing an intense game, stacking might not be so easy on someone who likes to shout down to 9 year old "campers".

Another fun task to do whilst he is in a trance, is to send him off on a raft or other mode of transportation. Chances are, he wont notice.

There is a chance, JUST A CHANCE, that it might work and you might actually be able to pull him away! Good for you. Enjoy the moment.
I did say moment, didn't I??
There seems to be only one thing for it.............................

30 Day Drawing Challenge. Day 13. Favourite comic


Okay well technically I don't have a favourite because I don't read them. So instead I decided to present you with a picture of Batman. Only after drawing this did I realise I could have picked a comedian!! Oh well, this picture is far more interesting!

27 Feb 2012

30 Day Drawing Challenge. Day 12. Most recent accomplishment.


Although I haven't graduated yet, just getting to university is a pretty big deal! None of my brothers or sisters have a degree so I shall be the first!! I'm young, I can't say I have been able to do a lot with my life yet but once I get rid of the shackles of education, I'm sure that will change and I will accomplish a lot more.

26 Feb 2012

The good times we often overlook

It is about time I spread a little joy and remind you guys that you can find happiness in the strangest of situations..


21 chicken nuggets instead of 20. Free mascara, that turns out to be pretty rubbish, with a magazine. Buy 15 bottles of pop and get 1 free. We all love a bargain. No matter how small.


Those things you get for completing various random bits of a game. Shields, medals, whatever they are called, you know you smile inside when you get one!


People often associate dieting with death and torture. It doesn't seem so awful when you realise you have lost a whole pound in just 8 weeks. Good on ya girl!


Take a moment to look at a goat. Tell me you didn't smile. My Goats in Tree 2012 wall calendar is the perfect happy tool.


People make relationships seem like hardwork. Boyfriends can be good too. He can be a grumpy shopping buddy or tell you those hideous shoes look fabulous on you. See, it doesn't have to be all bad!!

Spotless skin

Waking to find that no new spots have invaded Faceland is a truly happy moment! *squee*

Lack of hangover

How many people drink themselves senseless and then slurr the words, "I'm gonna feel like s**t in the morning"? We should all appreciate the times where we have wrecked our liver and our body didn't tell us off the next day!!

Doctor appointments

No, you are not going to die, it is just a sore throat. Hypochondria win!

25 Feb 2012

30 Day Drawing Challenge. Day 11. Turning Point in your life.

Meeting the boyfriend.

Yes this one of those, "I LUV MY BF" type posts. Except I will be significantly less annoying than that statement. The biggest turning point in my life was definitely meeting the boyfriend though. Although we went to the same college, we never actually spoke and only met up AFTER he left college, at a party of a friend. We actually started talking through Myspace, (Don't worry if you have no idea what this is, nobody uses it any more) where he commented on my likeness to a certain actress I shall not mention!! He also kind of influence which university I chose to go to! (which is something I don't mention to mother!)

24 Feb 2012

30 Day Drawing Challenge. Day 10. Favourite Candy

Malteaster Bunny

Chocolate coated goodness. I used to get excited for Creme Eggs when Easter came around but now it is these little fellows. I simply cannot function without one of these in my system. If you haven't tried one, TRY ONE NOW. You will not regret it!

23 Feb 2012

30 Day Drawing Challenge. Day 9. Favourite TV Show

The Tribe.

Apologies for the strange doodle but this is genuinely what the characters look like. They all wear strange makeup and clothing. The Tribe is a New Zealand TV show aimed at teens and released in the late 90's about a virus that wipes out all the adults and leaves the kids to rebuild society. Despite being so old, I can still watch this show over and over and not be bored. Check out the official fan site: ♥

22 Feb 2012

30 Day Drawing Challenge. Day 8. Favourite Animated Character.


Who could not love a smile like that? My Neighbour Totoro is one of my favourite Studio Ghibli films and this is one of their most famous productions. Look out for him in Toy Story 3!!

21 Feb 2012


So currently, I have been taking advantage of the 1 month free trial on Netflix. It has been great. I have been able to watch films I have never seen before and been introduced to the brilliant tv show that is, Outrageous Fortune. It makes me rather sad to know that in four days, all that will be gone. I do want to pay, £5.99 is not bad for unlimited viewing all month. HOWEVER, with the very little money I have, something is poking me in the back of my mind and telling me not to. So, to pay or not to pay?

30 Day Drawing Challenge. Day 7. Favourite Word


Simply put, Triskaidekaphobia is the fear of the number 13. Its a nice word to say out loud. Same with kaleidoscope. I can imagine people with this phobia having a pretty hard time on Friday the 13th!

20 Feb 2012

30 Day Drawing Challenge. Day 6. Favourite Book Character

Dexter Morgan.

Yes, Dexter is a TV show, but it was a book first, and a very good one at that. Dexter is a dark and mysterious vigilante who, although deeply disturbed, wins the readers over with a heart of gold and the love for his son, Harrison. It is always fun seeing the dark passenger come out to play!

19 Feb 2012

30 Day Drawing Challenge. Day 5. Best Friend


I'm not going to get too soppy with this post, but my best friend is James, my boyfriend. Although a computer and Xbox nut, he is the most generous, funny and lovely person I have ever met. You'd be very lucky people to have him as a friend!

18 Feb 2012

30 Day Drawing Challenge. Day 4. Favourite Place


Its the lazy answer, yes, but my bed is definitely my favourite place in the world. Its warm, cosy and I have some pretty awesome dreams. There is definitely no better place to be!!

17 Feb 2012

30 Day Drawing Challenge. Day 3. Favourite Food


I should have anticipated this one. Of course it is cheesecake and of course I always eat too much of it. *nom nom*

16 Feb 2012

30 Day Drawing Challenge. Day 2. Favourite Animal


These cute, monochromatic mammals just melt my heart. They are such mysterious, independent creatures. My plans for the summer definitely involve a trip to Edinburgh Zoo for this animal only!

15 Feb 2012

30 Day Drawing Challenge. Day 1. Yourself.


As I opened paint and started to draw and erase, draw and erase, I eventually ended up with this :

Yes, this is cheesecake. I am not quite sure how I ended up here, but I did! This would be a good time to compare myself to the cheesecake as though it is a representation of me. HOWEVER, creamy, crunchy and delicious is hardly how I would describe myself.

14 Feb 2012

Valentines Day

Some people love it, some people hate it. I find that on February 14th, there are always 6 types of people:

1) Those who find this is the perfect time to finally tell that person how they feel.

2) Those who are jealous of others in relationships.

3) Those who are independent and like to let everyone know that they do not need a man.

 4) Those who are alone and genuinely depressed about it.

5) Those who like to overspend on gifts as though it is some sort of indication of how much they may love their partners more than other people love theirs.

6) Finally there are those who simply do not care. They will not watch romance films and cry. They will not buy themselves chocolate or waste money on buying others some. They will simply get on with life. (Or in my case, make a blog post about it.)