27 Apr 2012

A to Z Challenge - Day 27 - Xenomorph

Not just any xenomorph, but a pleasant, cute, possibly homosexual xenomorph.

This little guy sports a pink body, pearly whites and spits flowers. Take that, Ridley Scott!


  1. Cutest xenomorph ever! :)

    Unrelated questions: is it ok if I pin your work, or would you prefer that people don't? I'm concerned about the crazy pinterest TOS: 100% of copyright issues (and expenses) on pinners, 0% on the site. While I'm reasonably sure that most bloggers like having their work promoted, I want to be certain that it's ok with you.

    1. I'm totally fine with it. I appreciate that you like and want to share my blog. :) Thank you!!

  2. you're a crack up :-) love the guy and your commentary about him

  3. Well done on you for nearly completing the challenge! I did 3 days before I gave up haha, but I have a better one that suits me a bit better now :)
    And I love the post, haha!