1 Apr 2012

A to Z Challenge - Day 1 - Antibiotics Against Alcoholism.

And so begins the A to Z challenge!

During my boyfriend's battle with the gruesome "ear infection", I've had to put up with a lot. Green goo, shouted conversations and sticking to the pillow in the morning. During his SECOND course of antibiotics, I began to think about those little, innocent-looking pills. What if, they are actually just on a personal quest to reduce alcoholism? Think about it!! The one thing you are told not to do during your course of antibiotics is drink alcohol!

Not only will they sort out gunky ears or clogged up chests, they will ultimately save your livers!

Damn those hippy drugs.


  1. Great post :) Not only do they save our livers, but they look so smiley and adorable!

    Nikki – inspire nordic

  2. Visiting from A-Z challenge; I had to laugh about this; I think you are on to something. Maybe they can even include after the course of antibiotics not to drink for another month to make sure the infection doesn't return; by them, maybe most would be sober long enough they would want to continue not drinking? Its a thought! Cute blog and great start to the challenge! Good luck with it!


  3. fun post! thanks for the laugh :)
    stopping by from A to Z

  4. I have been on an extended course of antibiotics before- I wish I'd had this mental image of anthropamorphic pills! It would have been a lot harder to curse the little bastards for f-ing up my system (shant give details, you're welcome) if I'd known they were so cute!

  5. Your doodles are amazing, I have no idea how you make them look so professional! You've gained a new follower from me. :)