19 Apr 2012

A to Z Challenge - Day 19 - Questions

Today I decided to share with you a few extra things about myself by answering a series of random questions! I will try to be a thorough as possible... :)

What is the best decision you ever made?
To accept a ride to a party from a guy I had talked to maybe twice? He turned out to be a pretty decent guy (and the current boyfriend of 4 years!)

The one thing I most regret not doing is
Knowing what my dream job was before it became too late. :( I thought I wanted to be this and that and realised, I just want to help animals. Now, I will have to figure out how to do it, the hard way!

What would you consider to be your dream job?
Veterinarian. As I mentioned, I would love to work with animals and to be a Vet would be the ultimate job. I'm just going to have to figure out how to come as close as possible without qualifications!!! Wish me luck!

I wish I was more assertive when it comes to
Group social situations. I just sit there and observe rather than be the centre of attention. Sometimes I think of something to say but then I can't be bothered. It's strange, I'm very lazy when it comes to speaking. I guess that means I wont say anything stupid though.

The top three things I like abut myself are
- I think before I speak. Some people just say the most stupid of things.

- I'm not "tan". I'd rather not look like a walking citrus fruit.
- I'm honest. I'm quite blunt, especially when angry. I love how people don't know how to react to it.

An area of my life that I am still working on is
My career. Finally leaving education gives me the freedom to spread my wings in the world of work. I have a feeling that I may have to settle on anything at the moment though seeing as unemployment has just risen in my area of the country. :(

The best vacation I ever took was to
Newquay. I instantly fell in love with the place and would very much love to live there. We went for the sake of the Boardmasters festival.

Who was with you on that vacation?
The boyfriend. It was lovely just being him and me. We did get stalked by a seagull though..

If you could go to any restaurant right now where would you go?
KFC. I've been craving the bad stuff for a while now. *NOM*

What would you order?
The Reggae reggae box meal. I've never had it and it looks yum.

Do you know what country/countries your ancestors came from?
America! My granddad came from Illinois which I think is pretty cool. There is also some Irish and German somewhere (I think!).
Would you rather live in a rural area, small town, or big city?
Big city! I like having things to do. I think that the rural thing would be neat when I'm older and want a relaxed life but for now, I'm a city girl.

What circumstances led you to live were you are now?
University. I had to move out to be closer as travelling in would have been too expensive for me. I chose this house at the last minute so ended up living with 5 random girls.

If you could get in the car right now with 3 days off, where would you go?
Lake District. Its not too far but far enough away to feel like I'm getting a break!

What do you think is the greatest invention ever?
Electricity. Or was that a discovery? I always get confused with that.. Ok, let's change this to, "the containment of electricity for personal use". Yeah, that'll do.

What do you think was the most life changing moment in history?
The dinosaurs being wiped out. This world could have been a whole different story had they not been killed off..

What are the top three things you hope to do before you die?
- Go to New Zealand. 
- Climb a mountain. 
- Hug a panda.


  1. Aww I want to hug a panda too! And the first one - you're definitely lucky that one ended up in your favor!!

  2. Quite blunt, I can relate to that!

  3. Dropping in from A-Z Challenge nice to meet you

  4. Hard to imagine a world where humans and dinosaurs lived together. In fact, mankind would have wiped them out if a comet hadn't done the deed. Blog on!

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  6. Hug a panda!!
    Also I have something for you. I want to thank you for being my follower and award you the Liebster Award! Enjoy it, and take a look at my blog for the rules:
    Have a great weekend!

  7. This blog is ridiculously adorable.

  8. Go to New Zealand. I've heard it's beautiful!