24 Apr 2012

A to Z Challenge - Day 24 - Ukulele woman

So as a little reward for completing my 10,000 word, final year dissertation, I decided to buy myself a ukulele!

                                                         HERE IT IS!!

Ok, this is a cartoon interpretation of me looking ridiculously happy with my new hobby.

                                                HERE THE REAL THING IS!

Again I look too happy and I can assure you that I am NOT NAKED in this picture. It very much looks like it. That would be a strange photo if I was!

I've learned quite a few chords already but I think I'm sending my fingers to an early arthritic grave because damn that thing is tiny! 

Tunes I aim to learn:

  • Pokemon theme tune: Because this sounds awesome, always.
  • Over the rainbow - Isreal Kamakawiwo'ole: Why wouldn't you want to learn this?
  • Always - Blink 182: As my favourite band, I would love to do a ukulele cover of my favourite tune by them.
  • Tip toe through the tulips - Tiny Tim: I find this song hilarious and creepy at the same time but would be pretty cool to be able to play on the uke.

Under no circumstances will I ever play anything by George Formby. Sorry but NO!


  1. Aw, that's cute! Have you checked out the garfunkel and oates comedy duo on youtube? One girl uses a ukulele. I recommend.

  2. Hi, How about "U Like Ukelele Lady, Ukelele Lady like you" That is an old one. I like both pictures... you look really happy.. I love to see people looking happy. :)
    Best regards to you and your Uke.
    Ruby aka Grammy

  3. P. S. Congrats on finishing your dissertation. That is a big accomplishment!