10 May 2012

April 2012 A to Z Challenge Recap

So, this is a little while after the A to Z Challenge but if you had followed me during this time, you'll know that university has got in the way.

Oh and by the way, I have, as of today, officially finished university! I had my last ever exam *hopefully* and now I'm done with it. It is definitely a nice feeling to get it all out of the way and concentrate on job applications.

So yes, back to the topic.. I have to say that I didn't enjoy doing the challenge as much as I thought I would. I mean, if the timing would have been different and I could have put more effort into it, then yeah, it would have been awesome *maybe next year!!*.  So apart from university, this has been my April. I have linked all the pictures to their respective posts so feel free to check them out!

Being so busy meant that some posts were missed or squashed together. For example:

Really Stupid Tattoos
Priorities and PIe

There have been some random moments. Although, what more do you really expect from me:

Antibiotics Against Alcoholism
Envelope Fetish
Who lives in an Igloo like this?

Burned Toast

Like every person with two X chromosomes, I love animals and so they just had to feature somewhere:

Friends with Flamingos


Oh and finally a celebrity or two popped up:

Kate Middleton
Hulk Hogan                                                    

So all in all it has been a random, colourful journey which will hopefully be bigger and better next year. Hope you all enjoyed (and continue to enjoy) my posts and I'm loving all the new Doodle fans. Thanks for reading everyone!


  1. I love the Friends With Flamingos, Questions, and Walrus one. :)

  2. I have always oved your blog ever since i first read it
    I enjoy *reading* yuor funny pictures
    I hope with you that that was your last exam
    Good luck for the future