14 Feb 2012

Valentines Day

Some people love it, some people hate it. I find that on February 14th, there are always 6 types of people:

1) Those who find this is the perfect time to finally tell that person how they feel.

2) Those who are jealous of others in relationships.

3) Those who are independent and like to let everyone know that they do not need a man.

 4) Those who are alone and genuinely depressed about it.

5) Those who like to overspend on gifts as though it is some sort of indication of how much they may love their partners more than other people love theirs.

6) Finally there are those who simply do not care. They will not watch romance films and cry. They will not buy themselves chocolate or waste money on buying others some. They will simply get on with life. (Or in my case, make a blog post about it.)

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