21 Feb 2012


So currently, I have been taking advantage of the 1 month free trial on Netflix. It has been great. I have been able to watch films I have never seen before and been introduced to the brilliant tv show that is, Outrageous Fortune. It makes me rather sad to know that in four days, all that will be gone. I do want to pay, £5.99 is not bad for unlimited viewing all month. HOWEVER, with the very little money I have, something is poking me in the back of my mind and telling me not to. So, to pay or not to pay?


  1. I've also been taking advantage of the free month and whilst i have enjoyed the site, i won't be continuing with them. The movie sthey have on there are old and even some from 2006 that I have been looking for they don't have. I find the selection limited so i'd rather put my money towards another service, just not sure what as yet. Lovefilm is double the price.

    1. I have been trying Lovefilm too and that is definitely better for movies. Netflix seems better for TV. I'm thinking about keeping netflix for a month so I can finish Outrageous Fortune. Its such a good show!!

  2. Heyyyy there!!! I have a solution for you. You can share my account with me :) that way it's not cost to you. As long as you promise not to change or something I'm totally cool with it.

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