26 Feb 2012

The good times we often overlook

It is about time I spread a little joy and remind you guys that you can find happiness in the strangest of situations..


21 chicken nuggets instead of 20. Free mascara, that turns out to be pretty rubbish, with a magazine. Buy 15 bottles of pop and get 1 free. We all love a bargain. No matter how small.


Those things you get for completing various random bits of a game. Shields, medals, whatever they are called, you know you smile inside when you get one!


People often associate dieting with death and torture. It doesn't seem so awful when you realise you have lost a whole pound in just 8 weeks. Good on ya girl!


Take a moment to look at a goat. Tell me you didn't smile. My Goats in Tree 2012 wall calendar is the perfect happy tool.


People make relationships seem like hardwork. Boyfriends can be good too. He can be a grumpy shopping buddy or tell you those hideous shoes look fabulous on you. See, it doesn't have to be all bad!!

Spotless skin

Waking to find that no new spots have invaded Faceland is a truly happy moment! *squee*

Lack of hangover

How many people drink themselves senseless and then slurr the words, "I'm gonna feel like s**t in the morning"? We should all appreciate the times where we have wrecked our liver and our body didn't tell us off the next day!!

Doctor appointments

No, you are not going to die, it is just a sore throat. Hypochondria win!

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