11 Mar 2012

Edge Hill Ducks - An observation from the library window

So, my university has its very own duck pond. At first they are a novelty, walking to and from classes with a little feathered friend occasionally joining you. These ducks have no fear! They WILL walk under your feet because they know you won't step on them and they WILL peck your feet. This is when you realise how annoying they are. I've spent the whole weekend in the library doing work. It gets tedious and your mind wonders elsewhere - like out of the window!!

These are the ducks:
There are, of course, many many more but they seem to go around in this formation. 3 males ducks following 1 female duck. Sounds dodgy? It IS dodgy. Some would say she is lucky to have 3 bodyguard ducks, I just personally think she is using them. *whoamitoknow*

They will swim around with her in the pond:

Always behind her so no other sneaky ducks can steal her. They usually corner the female duck so she really can't do anything at all. Its a hard life for a female duck during mating season. Sexual predators everywhere...

They will always be there. Maybe not in plain sight:

But they will be there. Watching. Waiting. Waddling.

I'd like to think that one of the ducks eventually has the courage to go for it with the female and make eggs together:

But I imagine his buddies won't be too pleased with that. In fact, the story does not go like that at all. They, erm, share her. If you are a child, this means they all fall in love and live happily ever after. If you are an adult, you already know what I mean. Its a sad sad story.

I guess after all that, a duck needs a snack:

This guy fancies Prawn Cocktail flavour today. Good choice. I should probably think this is wrong to see a duck each such junk food but I'm sure he will have sufficient exercise to burn it off.  Some ducks aren't quite partial to crisps. Instead they will opt for cookies:

This is where I would draw the line. I share my cookies with no one. No matter how cute it may look, it will eat my shoe before it eats my cookie!

***no ducks were harmed in the making of this blog post*** 


  1. I love ducks!! I must encourage you to support DARD - Ducks Against Raping Ducks. Read about it here ( and here (

    1. DARD is brilliant!! I'm glad someone else has noticed the foul play amongst ducks. :)

  2. I saw an amazing thing yesterday.
    I was trying to feed some ducks - but they weren't eating!
    There was bread all over the water, so I guess everyone else had the same idea.

    Full ducks? What a crazy world.

    1. Full ducks?! I think they have just been eating too many prawn cocktail crisps haha.

  3. Hey! I like your blog very much :)

    This was so funny! I've been a witness to duck on duck violent, um, sharing. I think maybe that poor little girl duck needs a cookie from you!

    Nikki – inspire nordic

  4. You are really funny! I liked your doodles :)

    Ducks and I don't really get along. A few years ago, some started chasing me, which I thought was weird because birds are the ones to usually run/fly away. You are right about ducks having no fear!

  5. My Grandfather(god rest his soul) had a duck named Gladys.

    She would wait for him everyday to return from work and as soon as he was spotted coming up the hill to the house, Gladys would run out of a hiding spot and peck him in the ass.

    My Grandfather was afraid of Gladys and wanted to chop her head off and make a meal out of her for Thanksgiving dinner but had no balls to do it.

    Alas he lived with fear of Gladys until he passed away.

    Gladys disappeared one night and never returned and the coop was broken into, so we assumed someone finally stole Gladys and made dinner out of her.

    I was around 7 years old at this time and I must say that Gladys was a major pain in the ass, I don't miss her.

    1. Poor Gladys! It sounded like she just wanted to play! Haha.

  6. Stumbled upon your blog, and I love it! This post was hilarious! Thanks for sharing it!!

    ~ Sarah